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The Arabian Prince of Ibiza

June 27, 2012


Pacha Ibiza was founded in 1973.

The first Pacha opened its doors on July 22, 1967 by Ricardo Urgell 27, and his brother, Piti.

Their initial vision was to eat and earn a living. Their aim wasn’t to start a worldwide club phenomenon but to simply have some fun and maybe increase their chances of hanging out with pretty girls.

Ricardo had been working in Germany in a factory, and was both a mechanic and handyman. He was very able to constructing his dream with his own hands. The project needed a name and Marisa Cobos told Ricardo that with the money he was going to earn he would live like a Pacha (Arabian Prince).


PITI URGELL, DJ/OWNER:“In 1976, three years after Pacha Ibiza opened, we threw a White Party, so everybody had to wear white. To make the party special we put two UV lights so you could really see the white. Everybody made a really big effort. When we put the lights on, the clothes glowed; so everyone took them off and danced in the nude. The atmosphere was quite something. The challenge was to make a better party than that because it was just so amazing. But we never managed it. People have tried to make fantastic parties and make it amazing inside with the decorations and so on, but it’s not a party if not everybody participates in it.”


I would love to get into a time machine and hit me a party of those…. just like now, crazy times.

Pacha is one of my favorite places in the world, there are books about Pacha, and where you can find pictures of before … wow!

DJ PIPPI, FORMER PACHA RESIDENT DJ:When house music arrived it was a very important time in the clubs, this change. We accepted it right away. We were also the first to play this kind of music, it was already a sensation here. Whether the reaction was good or bad from the people, there was a reaction: ‘what is this?’ One year later everyone was jumping on it. The move from soul and funk to house was a big and important change for us. We had a new style of music and it was a new era of music.


Today Pacha is a legendary club empire, which includes more than 70 elite clubs around the world, as well as bars, designer shops, hotels, casinos and much more. Pacha has won the hearts of millions of fans and party people, and is a favorite club of pop queen Madonna when she is on a holiday in Spain. Universally recognised symbol of PACHA- two cherries, represents Ibiza’s pure spirit, free lifestyle and Mediterranean feeling.


NINO, PACHA DANCER: Pacha is an institution, like the Moulin Rouge, and its significance can never be erased. It’s part of Spain’s history. From the end of Franco’s reign, people had freedom and Pacha provided a platform for their euphoria. When you walk through the door at Pacha you catch the feeling. You can see it in people’s eyes. People start to dance and the feeling grows from the floor into the roof, and when the club gets busier and busier, it feels like the whole club is floating on air. It takes you to another dimension, another reality, and for that special moment we live. Pacha is the closest I have been to heaven.

RICARDO URGELL, OWNER :Pacha is the most important club brand in the world, by far. People come because it is Pacha, but logically also because of the DJs. The whole is the success is the success for Pacha. We have opened in New York, London and Buenos Aires. And now it’s Las Vegas’ turn and later Dubai and Moscow, which will be run by the same people who have opened St Petersburg. They have the Finland Sea and they’ve opened a club on the beach. We are everywhere.



Check out before you check in!

Hang out on Holiday.







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