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It’s still summer!

August 27, 2012

Are you thinking about going in a holiday? Well, then this is the perfect place to be right now. Here you can find tips about what your luggage should or should not contain, top three of the most wonderful beaches, pieces of advice that help you survive a hangover and the most important thing for a single man – a few tips for getting along with girls.

First of all, no matter what your destination may be, there are some things that should not, under any circumstances, be missing from your luggage. Let’s start with things concerning the personal hygiene: toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, a small soap (just in case is missing from the place you are supposed to stay), and, if you are a girl, regardless your calculus, make sure you have at least one tampon in your bag (because you can never know, it is better to be prepared). The next most important things are the medicines. Never ever go anywhere without the basic medicines which are the following: painkillers, aspirin, and pills for any kind of stomachache. To these you can add some depending on your personal health issues. Also, do not forget the sun protection cream. Now, I know that this is the era when we use cards for everything, but it is highly recommended to have cash too, especially if you have not visited before the place where you are going now. Regardless if you choose to leave for a generally warm destination or for a generally cold one, it is always good to have clothes for both situations – take a pair of jeans and a few long sleeve blouses even if you go to the sea side, and also some clothes made out of light material even if you go to the mountains.

Now that we have talked about the essential things that should be found in your traveling bag, it is time to mention some of the most wonderful beaches in the world where you can spend your holiday. There is no secret that islands are the most wanted and the most exotic places, thus, the beach in Tahiti, Bora Bora, is one of the greatest tourist destination. Here, luxury is at every step you take and the view is paradisiacal. Next are no others than the beaches in Rio, Brazil. Here, besides the wonderful landscape you can also find a different life style. Thus, topless sunbathing and thongs are the common things here. If you like special views that would let you speechless, then Hawaii is the place for you. Hanalei Bay Beach has the most impressive landscape in the world and winter is the best season for surfing.

Had too much fun and drunk too much? In this case, it is best if you drink a glass of water and take two aspirins before going to bed. It makes life be easier in the morning. The next day is best if you rest; drink a lot of water to hydrate your body, avoid caffeine, and eat pickles along with food that contains fats. All these will help you feel better.

Now, if you are in a bar (or club, or whatever) and you see a beautiful girl, do not let her get away without making friends. Do not try too hard to impress her from the first five minutes, just be yourself and make pleasant conversation. The most important thing is to make her laugh, so try some subtle and not allusive jokes. The next step – invite her to dance. From now on, things will be easier, so relax and enjoy the evening.

Since you have the perfect luggage, you are on the perfect beach, your hangover is getting to an end and you met the girl, all you have to do now is to have a great time.

Hang out on Holiday

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