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Packing tips for your luggage

August 29, 2012

You’ve been waiting for this holiday for quite some time and it’s almost there. The only thing you have left to do is pack. But we all know that’s easier said than done, so we decided to give you a hand with a couple of useful tips.

First of all, you have to think about what you really need to take with you. Think about the absolute musts (papers, medicine and other special items) and put them in a good spot, so you don’t leave home without them. You’re going on holiday and you don’t want any worries, do you?

Unless you are going to a remote place (in which case your list of musts should be somewhat longer), it’s quite probable to improvise if you forget something at home, but there are certain items that could be very hard to find in another place and possibly more expensive (for example, if you’re going on a resorts, it’s a well known fact that these places tend to have higher prices for everything).

On the other hand, over-packing is also a bad idea, so make a prioritized list of things you need to help you feel comfortable. Then go through it again and eliminate the ones that are not true necessities and the ones you are likely to find where you are going, according to the information you have on your destination and accommodation.

It’s an important step because airlines have strict regulations regarding the maximum weight allowed for luggage. And by the way, it’s very important to actually know these rules before you pack, since extra weight will cost you quite a bit.

After deciding on the things you should take with you, an important choice is the suitcase. If it’s too small, your things will be crammed and if this doesn’t lead to an accident, it’s surely an extra strain on your bag, which will decrease its life span. Furthermore, it’s very likely to do some shopping during your holiday, and if your suitcase was so full when you left, your new additions will surely not fit, and you’re going to have a problem. A suitcase that is too big will be hard to handle on the road and it leads to an unhealthy temptation – you might be tempted to fill it up, just because you have the space and maybe you actually needed that extra shirt or the back-up shampoo. Stick to the list you worked on earlier!

But the size of the suitcase is not everything. You should also consider weight, the type of side, number of wheels, the type of handle, brand and the appearance itself. The weight of the suitcase will add to that of your things, so the heavier it is, the fewer things you will be able to take with you. Obviously, if you have a choice, go for the lighter one, but if you take very few things with you, it might not matter. As for the sides, consider your belongings – a hard side will keep them safer, but it will probably mean more weight and less flexibility; a soft side suitcase is lighter and easier to put in place, but if you carry a couple of fragile items, you might not reach your destination with them in one piece. And if you think that considering the number of wheels or the type of handle is an exaggeration, think again. Four wheels and a pop-up handle will make your life much easier, especially if you have to walk a long way with your luggage. Brand should give you quality, but you should also think about your destination – if you intent to visit a country where crime rates are pretty high, a brand suitcase or even an average one with a flashy look might make it disappear. However, it couldn’t hurt to put a discrete but distinctive mark on your bag, to recognize it with greater ease.

So put some thought into your packing. You must have spent some time planning on your holiday, counted the days until you got there. Don’t ruin it for something small that could have been avoided!

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