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Best Tips to Overcome a Hangover

August 31, 2012

Learn the best tips to overcome a hangover and guarantee yourself an amazing holiday. Take advantage of the most efficient and useful remedies which allow you to spare yourself of a huge headache and nausea. Prepare for the wildest holiday party events with some of these pro anti-hangover tricks.

Drink water before the Party

In order to prevent a headache or abdominal pain caused by industrial amounts of cocktails, it is highly recommended to pay special attention to hydration. Before heading to the beach party make sure you drink several glasses of pure water which can dilute the alcohol in your drinks. This is one of the most widely known tricks used by all party animals.

Eat fatty foods before the Party

Health experts agree that it is highly recommended to eat fatty foods before binge drinking. Pizza, a delicious steak or fried meat slows down the absorption of alcohol in your organism. Enjoy your generous dinner before heading to the party and save yourself from an ugly hangover by using this simple nutritional strategy.

Drink water between cocktails

Another wise move to prevent hangovers is to drink a tiny amount of water between cocktails. This is one of the best solutions to dilute the alcohol in your organism. Experiment with this professional drinker advice and make sure you choose the most delicious cocktails while having the time of your life.

Tomato Juice

Dehydration can be the worst side effect of a hangover. Therefore, it is highly recommended to restore the flawless condition of the organism with tomato juice. Prepare a healthy beverage or soup using these vitamin-rich vegetables. Drink the juice as the perfect morning beverage for a quick holiday hangover remedy.

Eat sweet fruits the morning after

Numerous scientific studies demonstrate that eating sweet fruits the morning after can contribute to the burning of alcohol in our body. Give a quick energy boost to your organism by consuming watermelon, bananas or other juicy fruits.

Lemon Tea

Use lemon tea as the ultimate hangover remedy. Prepare a delicious warm beverage and make sure you don’t add sugar to make the most of the detoxifying effect of this fruit. Eliminate alcohol from your organism with lemon tea. Use fresh lemons to provide your body with Vitamin C and other healthy nutrients.

Ginger and Water Drink

Try your hand at this simple hangover cure. Put a few tablespoons of ginger into pure water and drink this healthy beverage to eliminate alcohol from your organism. Ginger drinks are perfect to ease abdominal pain and a severe headache.

Eat Plain Toast

After a long party night it is advisable to pay special attention to your nutrition. The best breakfast idea to prevent headaches and nausea is to eat plain toast without butter or jam. Whole-grain products calm your stomach and contribute to the absorption of alcohol in your organism.

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