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Can Holiday Romances Last?

October 9, 2012
hang out on holiday

holiday romance

There’s that saying that great couples have great stories about how they met, and finding your better half on a holiday is surely something worth telling the grandchildren. But can holiday romances really last?

For one thing, the holiday you tends to be more relaxed, less inhibited, and altogether somewhat different than the usual you. But after you get back to your daily routines it’s unlikely to be able to live up to the one you were on vacation. Furthermore, holidays are about fun, but day to day life is about challenges and overcoming rough patches. It’s difficult to say if you’re just as compatible when times are hard. Keep this in mind, but don’t get too worried about it, since all people, in all conditions, put on their best act at the beginning of a relationship.

Something else that might be a problem is distance. It’s very likely that you’ll have a fling with someone that comes from a region far away from your home. Long-distance relationships don’t really work, since phone calls, e-mails and occasional visits can’t give you everything a fulfilling relationship is supposed to. To make it work, if it’s worth it, one of the two should think about relocating. However, it’s a big step that very few people actually take, since it’s risky to change your whole life around someone you maybe didn’t get to know as well as you should have. But other people made it work, maybe you could too.

And then there’s the problem of expectations. You liked him/her a lot, you had a great time, but what if he/she doesn’t want more? There are those who are only looking for a fling, because it’s another way of making some great memories, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You just have to make sure you’re on the same page before you get in too deep. Of course, you can’t ask someone if they want to spend their lifetime with you after a couple of laughs, but keeping a clear head helps a lot in reading the signals.

If you look at the numbers, it seems that most holiday romances last about a week or so. But your life isn’t about statistics. There are people out there who made it work. You never know when true love hits, so you shouldn’t exclude the possibility. If you meet someone that’s worth keeping, fight for them, and if it’s not meant to be, you’ll still be left with a nice story and the memory of the good times you had together. And by the way, this is one of those things that can be ruined by over-thinking it. Let things flow and take advantage of the time you get together. Take long walks, meet when the sun sets and end the date when the sun rises. Do whatever you can to enjoy yourself. If it’s just a fling, enjoy it. If you get more, cherish it. Just let good things come to you and have fun!


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