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What Cocktails Do You Like?

October 22, 2012


You’re probably a big fan of beer, or maybe you enjoy a glass of wine now and then. But a holiday is the perfect time to try something new, something exotic. And can you think of something more exotic than a cocktail? We couldn’t, so we decided to help you with a list of the most popular ones. You probably heard of them before, but you might not know what all of them are made of. So in order to avoid being disappointed because you dislike a certain ingredient, here they are to help you make a good choice:

  • Mai Tai – a wonderful blend of orange Curacao, dark Rum, light Rum, fresh lime juice, Orgeat syrup and sugar syrup;
  • Mojito – a refreshing classic made of light Rum, soda, fresh lime juice, lime slices, mint leaves and sugar syrup;
  • Margarita – a delicious mix of Cointreau, white Tequila, lime/lemon juice and a dash of salt;
  • Pina Colada – sweet and stunningly simple: white Rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice;
  • Gin and Tonic – very straightforward with Gin, Tonic water and a twist of lime;
  • Mimosa – not as shy as you might think – champagne and orange juice;
  • Tequila Sunrise – wonderfully exotic and easy on the eye – white Tequila, Grenadine and orange juice;
  • Long Island Iced Tea – refined and complex – Triple Sec, Gin, white Rum, Gomme syrup, white Tequila, Vodka, Cola, lemon juice
  • Daiquiry – plain light Rum, Gomme syrup and lime;
  • Bloody Mary – famous and delicious – Vodka, lemon juice, tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

And if you’re in the mood for something even more exotic you can always go for one of these:

  • Sex on the Beach – peach Schnaps, Vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice;
  • A Walk on the Moon – blackberry Schnaps, Vodka, Cola and milk;
  • Island Breeze – peach Schnaps, sour apple Pucker, Grenadine, pineapple juice and Sprite;
  • Malibu Twist – coconut Rum, Grenadine and orange juice;
  • Elysium – peach Schnaps, Vodka, orange juice and pineapple juice;
  • Emerald Breeze – melon liqueur, coconut Rum, soda, Ginger Ale, lime juice, lime and sugar syrup;
  • Jager Monster – Jägermeister, Grenadine and orange juice;
  • Blue Hawaiian – blue Curacao, light Rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, cherries, pineapple and ice.

But whatever your choice may be, remember to drink responsibly! They might go down easy because they’re mixed with juices, but they still contain alcohol! If you exaggerate, it could become dangerous. And even if you won’t get in trouble, where’s the fun in having a great time if you can’t remember it?

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