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Tips for Accessible Travel Gifts

November 26, 2012

So you’re going on holiday and you’d like to bring something back to everyone that’s special. But you’re on a tight budget and the transport and accommodation alone cost quite a bundle. What can you do?

Luckily, there are a couple of universal cheap souvenir ideas and probably one of the most representative ideas for this category is the refrigerator magnet. It’s almost impossible not to find this where you’re going and there are a lot of advantages to this options: there are usually more models to choose from so you can use this gift idea for more than one friend, they’re cheap, they’re a good reminder of the place you’ve been to, they don’t add a lot of weight to your luggage and they also don’t require any special packing. The only downside to the magnets is the possible tacky factor, but as we already said, you usually get a variety of options, so you’re bound to find something suitable too.

Key chains are also very popular and they share their advantages with the magnets. And if you want to put extra emotional value to this gift, you can say that you wanted to get something that will always stay close to the one you’re giving it to.

Also related to these two are representative objects that you’ll also find on souvenir stands, whether they’re flags or miniatures of local landmarks. Be aware, these have a very high “tacky” risk, probably more than magnets.

Another accessible idea is the “local delicacy” gift. Most people enjoy trying out new things in the culinary area and a lot of places have branded themselves with a specific dish or beverage. On the downside, transportation for these items might raise some problems so be very careful when choosing your gift from this category.

And then there’s always the creative free stuff category: seashells, leaves, pinecones, sand, ticket stubs from museums, maybe a picture you took in a certain way that means something to a friend or anything else that shows you really thought about that person. After all, you’re bringing souvenirs to the people you care about and the whole point of them is showing that you remembered them while you were away. However, this works best if you tend to be a creative person or if you know that the ones receiving these will actually appreciate this kind of gesture.

But whatever you choose for your friends and family, make sure you also bring a souvenir for yourself. Of course, you’ll always have the memories and you’ll probably take a lot of pictures too, but it’s always nice to have a little something that you can hold to better connect with that holiday.

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