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Get His/Her Attention with Great Dance Moves – Go Latin!

December 6, 2012

hang out on latin holidays

Getting the attention of someone you’re interested can be challenging. Don’t fool yourself; even if you already met him/her through our app and actually got to know each other pretty well over time, you still have to make a good impression when you’re meeting face to face. So why not do it in style, on the dance floor? If you’re a girl, waving your body in a harmonious way is a definite plus, and if you’re a boy – let’s face it, guys don’t really know how to dance, so you’re sure to impress!

Why are we recommending Latin dances? Well, clubs tend to be a bit too crowded for breakdancing and it’s also not very feminine. Waltzing is a bit off the clubbing beat and the basic move from left to right that fits the beat is not very impressive. But Latin dances are a whole different story. They’re about passion, about feeling the rhythm, about releasing your inner energy and they’re based on a lot of hip movement. All of these ingredients make them perfect for a flirt!

Well, the truth is that there’s not much you can learn about dancing from reading, but we thought a couple of words on the subject could tickle your appetite. The learning process is obviously visual and it’s about learning the basic steps, mastering them and applying them on passionate rhythms. Be warned that you might like them so much that you’ll be tempted to practice a lot, but for the noble goal of impressing someone it should be enough to master a couple of basic steps and showing them off at the right time. We recommend you watch all of the five main categories of Latin dance: cha-cha, rumba, samba, paso doble and jive.

Cha-cha-cha has Cuban origins and hip actions are allowed to occur at the end of every step. Basically, the hip movement is caused by the alternate bending and straightening action of the knees, so it’s not a very hard thing to do.

Rumba is more than any other dance about passion and closeness. Rumbo is the Cuban Spanish word for party, but the dance itself is actually known as the “dance of love” and it’s not all that hard to learn.

Samba is the international symbol of Brazil and the Brazilian Carnival, so you probably already know that it’s very fast and energetic.

Pasodoble is associated with the movement of the bullfighter so it’s majestic and it’s a signal of power.

Jive is very, very fast and it requires kicks with a bouncy type of movement using the balls of the feet a lot. It may not be as sensual as the others, but it can sure train your speed and mobility.

Enough talking. Start watching a couple of videos and see what gets your attention. We’re quite sure that a few moves here and there in the club will get the right person’s attention. After all, the Spanish are famous for being great lovers. Show off your Spanish side!

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