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Where Are You Hanging Out this Winter Holiday?

December 24, 2012

There’s usually too little time and too many things you have to do on winter holidays, so it’s rather unlikely that you’ll be going very far. This basically means that you have to find fun things to do closer to home and we thought we could give you a couple of ideas.

One of the winter’s most popular hangouts is probably the skating rink and if you’re good at this, you’ll be happy to find out that you’ve got plenty of options: The Ice Cube in Leeds (UK’s largest open air ice rink, but it will open on the 25th of January 2013), Hampton Court Palace on Richmond up Thames (probably the best panoramic view, and it’s been open since the 1st of December), Winchester Cathedral (a truly wonderful experience, available since the 22nd of November), The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink in Brighton (right in the city centre and it’s already been open for more than a month), Yorkshire Winter Wonderland at York Designer Outlet (ice rink, funfair, a huge tree and lots of fun, available to all skaters since the 24th of November), Somerset House Ice Rink (elegant, but only open until the 6th of January), Eden Project in Cornwall (bright domes and a lot of time to get there, since it’s open from October to February), Tower of London Ice Rink (you could plan a walk on the banks of Thames and a serious round of sightseeing while you’re here, but you’d better hurry since it’s only open until the 6th of January), Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park (toboggan slides, markets, cafés and even a Ferris wheel, all in addition to the great ice rink and available to you and your friends until the 6th of January), or The National History Museum in London.

And if you’re in the mood for a lighter activity, shopping is definitely the season’s leader. Besides, it’s a great time to hang out with your friends in Christmas markets since they offer a wonderful setting and lots of entertaining options.

But if you really want something special, you can go for one of these: Breakfast with Santa at Warwick Castle in Warwickshire, a Victorian Christmas Weekend in Blists Hill Victorian Town, an Elizabethan Banquet at Lumley Castle in County Durham, The Dickensian Festival in Yorkshire or Victorian tours at Mancaster Castle in Cumbria.

These are only a couple of examples, but you can get really creative and choose something that fits your mood. You surely have options that are both very close to home or far enough to take a fun road trip with your mates. Just enjoy the spare time and feel the holiday spirit!

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