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Top Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

January 3, 2013

sunny beaches

There’s absolutely no more question about it. It’s winter! It’s cold, moist and we’re all covered in too many of layers of clothes. And since there’s no chance to get warm from the outside, let’s keep warm from the inside and think about the world’s most beautiful beaches.

We’re not making a top, because everybody has their own criteria and, you know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we’ll talk about the most famous ones, since millions can’t be wrong.

Definitely among the most appreciated beaches in the world is the Seychelles archipelago. It’s basically a cluster of 115 islands and its special climate makes it so that rain is very rare and it’s always warm (somewhere between 24°C and 32°C). The islands are divided into 2 groups: Inner Islands (43 – 41 granitic and 2 coralline) and Outer Islands (72). However, not all 115 offer accommodation. Actually, only 15 (Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, Bird Island, Cerf, Chauve Souris, Cousine, Denis Island, Frégate, North Island, Round Island, Silhouette, Ste. Anne, Alphonse and Desroches) offer accommodation, but they’re offering luxurious lodges on the beach, minutes away from wonderful activities like sailing, fishing or diving.

Probably just as famous are the Maldives – another cluster of islands, 1190 coral islands to be more precise. The weather here is just as lovely as in Seychelles, with an almost perfect constant of  30°C and very infrequent thunderstorms. So basically you get sunny days, breezy nights and lovely sunsets. What can you do there? Sunbathing is the obvious answer, but you can also go diving, try different waters ports, fishing (even night fishing) or relax in a SPA.

And let’s not forget about Bora Bora, the icon of romantic islands. This 29 kilometres long strip of white sand in the South Pacific is protected by a lagoon and is well known for its intimate ambiance. But there’s more to the island than lying in the arms of your loved one: you can explore the lagoon, you can have breakfast in your bungalow’s balcony, breakfast brought to you by canoe, you can take 4×4 excursions, you can sail, dive, hike, go horseback riding or even do something really exotic – feed the sharks and sting rays.

Feeling warmer yet? Just think about that crystal clear blue water, the summer sun, the ocean breeze, the white sandy beaches, the floating bungalows and so on. Hold on, don’t take that coat off! It’s still cold where you are…

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