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Iceland – Fire and Ice All in One

January 5, 2013

Holiday Eyjafjallaj-kull volcano Iceland


We bet that there are out there more of you who prefer summer over winter, but the truth is that winter has its own special charm. You too can probably appreciate the snow or love the crisp air, but you’re probably not all that fond of the cold. Well, good news! There’s a place that can help you enjoy the wonderful winter scenery, but also has the means to keep you warm while you’re taking in all that fresh air.

We’re talking about Iceland, the land of hot water springs. It’s a lovely combination of frozen glaciers and hot lava. Actually, it’s not even all that cold – during this time of the year, obviously the coldest, temperatures go around -1oC. But we already told you that you can take advantage of a couple of places that are guaranteed to keep you warm. For example, the Landmannalaugar valley can keep you warm from the inside out with a spectacular view of lava mountains and luscious green plateaus and from the outside in if you choose to take a dip into the water springs that flow from Laugahraun. The beauty of this place is that networks of cold water and natural hot water intersect and create pools of warm water that are guaranteed to be around 36-40 degrees centigrade even in the middle of an aggressive winter. You can also visit the largest hot spring in Europe (Deildartunguhver), or one of the oldest hot springs in Iceland – Snorralaug – or even the very warm and steamy beauty called Hveravellir.

But there are a lot more spectacular sights to see in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon should be a definite must on your list, since it’s the spring with the highest flow and its water has an exceptionally high density of minerals. The Geysir is also another hot spot it’s basically a hot spring that ejects a column of hot water, about 60 meters tall; an extraordinary detail about this is that it became active only in 2000, after a series of earthquakes.

And if you’re the active type, there’s a lot to do around there: caving tours, snowmobile tours, glacier hiking, Super Jeep tours, ATV-Quad, biking, horse riding, snorkelling, diving, fishing, hiking tours, air plane tours, whale watching, sailing tours, motorboat tours, biking tours, photo tours and more.

Come on, go out there and defy nature. Challenge a glacier or enjoy a hot bath while it’s snowing around you.

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