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January 8, 2013

Sensation is definitely something you should experience. We’ll try to give you a very general description on this event (actually, “the world’s leading dance event” as the organizers call it), but that mixed feeling of great music, pulsing lights and the massive crowds moving as one is really something you have to live on your own.

So what’s it about? It started in 2000, in Netherlands and until 2005 it was hosted exclusively on Amsterdam Arena. But it became so big and popular that it started to move around the world in: Poland, Spain, Austria, Chile, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia, Denmark, Lithuania, Portugal, Serbia, Brazil, Norway, Ukraine, United Kingdom. Starting with 2012 it also moved to: the United States of America, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey and Romania. And it seems that 2013 will be the first year when Sensation will also be present in Italy.

And since we’re talking about 2013, let’s be precise: Hasselt (Belgium, on 09.03), Bucharest (Romania, 06.04), Santiago (Chile, 13.04), Bologna (Italy, 13.04), Prague (Czech Republic, 25.05), Sankt Petersburg (Russia, 08.06) and Amsterdam (Netherlands, 06.07).

But wherever you’ll be going for this event, it’s a global event and it’s about house music and trance music, gathering the world’s best Djs: Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, ATB, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Marco V, Paul van Dyk and so on.

The first too events (2000 and 2001) were single events, but starting with 2002 Sensation split into Sensation White and Sensation Black, each with their own feel and their own dress code. Sensation Black (which required exclusively black clothing) was for the darker side of the house music (and it’s currently branded as “the reflection of your darker side”). Sensation White (which seems to be more popular and this is the event that’s actually moving around the world) requires a white dress code and its essence is celebrating life with . In recent years there has been added a charitable side to this event under the name of “Dance4Life” and it’s probably one of the reasons why Sensation White has become the better known half of Sensation. Black is always held in the second week-end of July, but tickets for both events usually get sold out pretty fast.

So whatever kind of Sensation you like and wherever you’d prefer to witness the Sensation event, we strongly recommend you add this to your party list. It’s really hard to describe it in words so try to sample the feeling through a couple of videos or albums on the Internet. And after you’ve chosen the location, give our app a try and see what other house music fans will be going there too.

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